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What's New at our Website and PGA?

The following is a list of the major changes to this website and at pga, with the most recent changes shown first:

January 2001
Happy true Millenium!! After a year experiencing numerous up's and down's in our UK market sectors, we hope that AMP3 will start getting under way this year, revitalising our cautious water clients, some of whom remain just floating. Skill requirements in most sectors have been very specific with often a great deal of convincing to move client companies into offer mode! International markets have again proved cautious with many proposal requests coming through - but are clients winning the work?
Regret vacancy pages have not been regularly updated due to pressure of work and not having the benefit of a full-time web administrator (an expensive luxury!), but the vacancy lists do give a clear indicator to the types of positions we handle. An update of whether we have anything to suit your skills can be given over the phone.
Please note key addition to our website is access to details on our Guest House here in North Cornwall - we know it isn't recruitment, but it could provide the haven away from the pressure of job hunting or a break from the humdrum of work, allowing the chance for you to discover what we have found down here in Cornwall since our move in 1999 - our rates are even generous (something our clients are always complaining about!). Guest House
January 2000
Happy Millenium!! We enter 2000 with optimism and a healthy order book.
September 1999
Relocation complete! We are now fully embedded on the edge of Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, with 20 mile views from the office windows! Our perceived remoteness in Cornwall has worked to our advantage as, with modern communication links utilising the Internet/Email as well as Fax and "dog & bone" Telephone, we are now concentrating on the requirements for a selected client base.
May 1999
A further review of our operations, particularly with the delays in new project starts for our Water Division (AMP3 is biting!) has meant a strategic review of our markets - Barry Julyan, who has led our Water Division for 1.5 years had decided to start up his own company nearer his home. We wish him well in his new venture.
March 1999
With the downturn in the Transportation sector, Margaret Bond has moved on after some 7 years with us - she has taken up a role in a local Civil Consultancy where her knowledge of the industry will continue to be used. Best of luck Margaret and thanks for your help over all these years. Responsibility for Transportation and Civils now passed back to Peter.
May 1998
The scanner now functions! Well, what an experience this has been over the last 7 months but it has created a backlog in our administration department and our apologies to all who may have been frustrated by our often-said response to an enquiry follow-up that your CV is still awaiting registration! We now have no excuses! We know that scanning will increase our search and matching capabilities, hopefully improving our speed and accuracy of response to enquiries.
January 1998
The Millenium Bug has hit Tony and he has decided after 2 years with us to try his hand at computers - perhaps it was the problems we have been having with our own systems that prompted this on the adage "if you can't beat them, join them"!
Our recently installed upgrade to our database computer systems gives us Windows 95 and scanning. All good fun you might feel but it has caused us a headache in getting it all working - watch this space for further developments!
 October 1997
Barry Julyan has joined us to concentrate on our Contract/Temporary staff supply operations. A seasoned Hockey player, and former rising Rugby star, already his team development skills and enthusiasm to score are showing!
A major upgrade to our computer systems is being installed this month - we wait with fingers crossed to see if it works!
September 1997
Rachael Marsh, who has headed our Environmental Division for the past year, has decided to move to London and savour the delights of big city life! We wish her well in her relocation and understand she is staying in recruitment. Tony has added the Environmental Division to his already demanding activities on the Water side, but many of the enquiries he has had to deal with in the past often encompass the environmental aspect. We are not standing still and are adding soon to our staff - watch this space!
September 1997
Vacancy page for Power appointments launched. We have been recruiting for the Power sector since we started in 1991 and it seemed appropriate to have a specific page devoted to client vacancy enquiries for this sector of our markets covered. It is often very difficult to know exactly under which heading to place a particular vacancy so that is easily found by a visitor to our website. If you cannot find something to match your skills under one heading, do try another or contact us direct.
August 1997
Began weekly updates to "Vacancy" page. This is an important page for candidates and we will try and keep this practice up otherwise this page becomes of no positive benefit. Peter Glaser is gradually getting the hang of this page with support from Mike our Webman!
August 1997
Introduced frames for more interest and scope of website. Photos of staff added (to the embarrassment of one of them! Not "their best side" was heard faintly! This is felt to help in our endeavours to communicate rather than personal ego-trips!).
June 5th 1997
Created this "What's New" page to show what progress we are making.
June 4th 1997
pga upload initial Website - at long last after many hours (and months) of deliberation!

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