pga was formed in 1991 to meet the rapidly increasing recruitment demands and service expectations of companies as they adjusted in the early 1990's to changing strategies in the level of staffing, whilst accommodating the changes worldwide in the markets associated with the Water, Environment, Transportation, Power, Civil, Building & Construction sectors - the specialist market areas of pga.

Employing proven traditional methods of recruitment, pga also enviably enjoys the support of one of the foremost computerised database systems currently available to human resource consultants, providing a service fully equipped to react to the varying demands of the client in the 21st century. Ensuring a speedy turnaround of advice and information on available and suited candidates from the continuously updated register, pga is also able to provide an efficient and cost effective confidential search facility of the industry.

Furthermore, through the employment in-house of "state-of-the-art" DTP systems, cost effective professional recruitment advertising campaigns can be recommended and produced within tight budgets that will uniquely portray a requirement through the specialist media to an ever increasing discerning reader. A campaign that is fully controlled from start to conclusion under one roof giving confidence to the client and, of course, to the applying Candidates.

With an intimate knowledge of both the UK and International markets, pga is able to offer a unique blend of human resource expertise, for one individual requirement to a whole team, from technician to Director/Board level, for any location throughout the UK, Europe, Americas, the Middle and Far East, Africa and other Third World Regions.

REC Member

pga is a full member of REC, the UK's only recognised professional body for recruitment and employment companies

(REC - Recruitment & Employment Confederation).

The Philosophy

"Human Resourcing is an expertise to be imparted with the minimum of intrusion on the parties concerned, yet provide, as a management tool, an efficient and flexible service to benefit long term objectives."

The Objective

A Human Resource Consultant's prime objective should be to gain a thorough understanding of their client - this will enable the establishment of the true recruitment objective, often clouded in the initial brief, and encourage a joint planning on how this can best be achieved within an agreed budget.

This intimate involvement from the beginning, as exemplified by pga, will promote a professional working relationship in the development of an assignment, ensuring a continuing mutual understanding of the requirements of both the Client and the Human Resource Consultant.

The deep-rooted philosophy of pga and our aim to achieve our prime objective ensures the provision of a service to Clients and Candidates that can only be classed as second to none.

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