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Register Search

Utilising one of the foremost computerized database systems currently available to human resource consultants, pga is able to advise Clients immediately on the availability of suitable Candidates from the continuously updated register. With regular targeted advertising in the specialist media, we are able to keep in touch with the availability and movement of staff both in the UK and abroad.

This information can provide Clients with an up-to-the-minute status on the recruitment market in their sector of the industry, assisting in both the planning and execution of a recruitment programme whether large or small.

Engaging our register search is free - a fee in accordance to our standard fee-scale (refer to Terms and Conditions of Business - Register Search) will only be raised upon the commencement of employment of any Candidate introduced by pga.

Three simple stages are highlighted below to illustrate the normal procedures for a Register Search:

1. Upon notification of a Client vacancy, pga will require as much detail as possible to enable a thorough search of the data base. Candidates meeting the specification criteria can then be discussed with the Client confidentially via the telephone with a brief resume faxed or confidentially posted for reference purposes.

Suitable Candidates registering or becoming available after notification of a vacancy/enquiry can be proposed to the Client on an 'ad hoc' basis at the Client's request.

2. pga will then make arrangements on the Client's behalf for interviews to be conducted at the Client's premises, or elsewhere by agreement.

We can throughout the process, and as specifically requested by the Client, advise on employment conditions and terms, reference checking, and negotiate with the successful candidate the salary and benefits package offered.

3. It is pga's policy to follow up an introduction so the service does not just stop at the commencement of employment. We always wish to ensure that an introduction has resulted in a successful employer/employee relationship and therefore prefer to remain in contact with the successful Candidate via the Client.

It is our commitment to ensure that introductions are undertaken confidentially and we a/ways insist on a reciprocating confidentiality from both our Clients and Candidates in any introduction. This avoids possible embarrassment for that sensitive Client appointment or where Candidates, perhaps well known in their speciality and currently employed, are being presented.

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Advertising Assignments

For certain key appointments where specific management or technical skills are required, it may be necessary to research the current market of suitable and available candidates by advertising.

Upon consulting pga regarding a Human Resourcing assignment, we will always recommend the most effective solution to resolve your requirement within the time scale parameters. Advertising your specific vacancy can often be the most cost effective solution to ensure your company obtains the manpower skills required, as quickly as possible.

However, it should be remembered that Advertising can prove to be highly expensive if purchased:

- in unsuitable media (classified sales executives can mislead on true targeted readership!)

- utilising excessive and unnecessary sizes (your gain or the media's?)

- with ineffective copy and layout (can you remember the last eye-catching recruitment campaign that did not cost the earth ?)

At pga, we genuinely have your interests at heart - particularly your budget and the assignment results.

Look at the 3 key advantages of utilising pga :

1. By operating in certain sectors, we know and fully understand theses markets and the types of people you need to employ. In essence, we speak your language.

2. We have extensive knowledge of the specialist media available across the UK and internationally and can advise on the most cost effective media for your requirement.

3. We have in-house design, copywriting and production facilities which means a quicker turnaround of the advertisements to suit your requirements at a cost you can afford. An advertisement that should break the mould but not your bank!

And at pga , we will handle the response professionally - we never forget we are acting as representatives of our Clients and that each response is a potential candidate for your vacancy.

Our services can include:

- taking an initial brief, meeting with key management associated with the vacancy at Client's premises and fully assessing the parameters of the requirement.

- advising on advertising budget, booking media space and producing advertisements to Client's approval.

- handling all telephone and written responses, including retaining Client confidentiality or arranging Client's literature to be forwarded to each enquiry.

- shortlisting response to those who meet the job specification, through to interviewing candidates on behalf of, or with, the Client.

- assisting Client with advice on employment conditions and terms, reference checking, language assessment, psychometric testing, medicals, qualification ratification and visa processing for overseas appointments.

Our service is flexible to meet with your requirements - however exacting.

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Confidential / Executive Search

For sensitive appointments where a key senior executive or manager is required, confidential individual approaches might be recommended as the most suited method of resourcing. This approach is also often used when a key technical skill is needed to be resourced from a market with a severe skill shortage.

At pga, we will initially assess the requirement, via a meeting with the client company, against alternative, and possibly cheaper, methods of resourcing. We will then tailor a methodology to achieve success and to suit the client's budget.

The often perceived high cost of Confidential Search is related to the high level of man-hours committed, involving extensive research of our database of companies and contacts and general networking, often requiring 'out-of-hours' contact.

Individual interviews can be undertaken and assessments made of suitable short-listed candidates for client presentation. Follow-through to final selection, offer and appointment is similar to our procedures for Advertising assignments, an additional methodlogy often employed in conjunction with Confidential Search. However the advantages of Confidential Search are manyfold and include 2 key aspects:

- approaches made to individuals who are not actively seeking employment but are tempted by the opportunity. These candidates would not necessarily be registered with agencies, nor would they have responded to an advertisement.

- a report / assessment on the candidate market for that level of appointment.

Time scale can vary according to type / level of appointment and would be outlined and agreed prior to award of assignment. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Business for Confidential Search Assignments - fees may vary according to final agreed methodology.

We would stress that Confidential Search assignments are only accepted following a detailed meeting with the client, preferably on their premises, to enable a full assessment of the need and to ensure that we have a full understanding of the ethos of the client company, personnel and working conditions.

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Temporary Staff Supply / Interim Management

With access through our data base to technical staff offering their services on a contract basis, pga is able to provide staff short or long term contracts to suit a Client's varying needs, across the UK and abroad.

The proven experience of our team in this field ensures that we react speedily to a Client requirement, filling the position quickly and painlessly, the Client having full confidence that the best person available has been selected for the contract.

The range of staff that can be resourced is extensive from all the sectors of the industries we specialise in, from chartered engineers and scientists to technicians, project management through to design and commissioning.

References on individuals supplied are always taken prior to their arrival at site and these are open to inspection at any time.

Rates are quoted on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis subject to detailed discussion on length of contract, overtime rate and subsistence if necessary.

Payrolling and any statutory deductions can be handled through our own accounts department, ensuring staff supplied are paid regularly and on time in accordance to hours approved by the Client.

Invoicing is raised weekly, where weekly paid workers are engaged, and all invoices are due payable within 7 days. Invoices are clearly supported by documentation confirming approval of hours worked in order to remove any misunderstandings and to assist in early approval of settlement.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Business - Temporary Staff Supply.

Alternatively, where appropriate, staff introduced from our temporary register can be engaged direct by the Client. Invoicing for workers engaged direct is monthly, based on our standard % introduction fee of rate paid (refer to our Terms & Conditions of Business - Register Search) plus a small administration charge.

Let our Temporary Staff Supply service remove the headache of resourcing your vacancies. Remember, our service is based on years of experience in this essential and cost effective area of supply.

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